Many people struggle with back pain. It affects persons across all demographics, from the young to the old. For example, young students get back pain from sitting to study for many hours. Adults get back pain from sitting behind their desks and working for at least eight hours every day. Some jobs involve lifting heavy things, and this too can cause back pain. Pregnancy, sports, aging, and back injuries are also common causes of back pain.

If you have had it, you know that once your back starts aching, every other part seems to ache too. Doing simple tasks turns into a painful experience. You may have trouble rolling out of bed, getting in or out of the car, or picking up a child. Some people cannot lift their hands high up or stand for an extended period. But, chiropractic care may help to reduce or stop the pain completely.

Reasons To Take Up Chiropractic Treatment

The reason you choose a chiropractor for your treatment is that chiropractors are experts at pain treatment. They treat pain in the back, shoulders, neck, head, muscles, and joints. Chiropractors are specially trained to diagnose the source of your pain. Once they address the source, the pain disappears. This factor makes chiropractic care superior to other treatment methods. Many other treatment methods only address the symptoms rather than the source of the pain.

Chiropractic care is also superior because it takes a holistic approach to healthcare. The chiropractor addresses your entire body, including your nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. Chiropractic care seeks to secure your health as a whole.

If your condition is beyond the scope of practice, the chiropractor refers you to a specialist for treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain

The chiropractor takes up a combination of techniques to resolve your back pain. Here are some treatment techniques commonly used for back pain:

 Manual Therapy

If your back is stiff, manual therapy may help you regain motion and flexibility on your back. Manual therapies are of three kinds. The first, therapeutic massage, relieves tension in the back muscles. Instrument-assisted soft tissue therapy involves the use of an instrument to repeatedly stroke the area with restriction. Trigger point therapy identifies the points in your muscles that are tense or tight.

Soft Tissue Therapy

With this technique, the chiropractor works to make sore and tight muscles relax. There are various ways to achieve this. Using manual release therapy, the chiropractor stretches your muscles and applies pressure on them. With the trigger point therapy technique, the chiropractor applies direct pressure on the tense muscle. Both of these therapies cause relaxation of the tense or tight tissues.

Exercise Therapy

The exercise therapy treatment involves the chiropractor leading you through some exercises to treat your pain and keep it from returning. If your job involves lifting heavy objects, the chiropractor also teaches you some safe lifting techniques to avoid further injuries. You also learn how to maintain a good posture.

If you have back pain of any kind, don’t “tough it out” or dismiss it. Get a chiropractor to diagnose and fix the pain.

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