“ Great customer service and really takes the time to explain everything to you in such detail. Really sits and listens to your concerns and issues. Talks to you like a person not just a paycheck. Couldn’t ask for better people to go and visit. Highly recommended!!! Feel a little better after one adjustment!”

Julie Myers

“ Dr Ellis is one of the best chiropractors I’ve ever been to. He listens to your problems and helps find solutions! His staff is extremely friendly and welcoming as well. I’ve already been recommending his services to friends​​​​​​​”

Heidi Giles

“ I get a weekly adjustment and feel great”

Stacie Ellis

“ Dr Ellis is the Best!!! My whole family uses him! I have friends and family that have been skeptical about using chiropractors because of bad experiences in the past. But after seeing Dr. Ellis and feeling the results. They swear he is the best around! He also had a great way of explaining and educating you unlike most Chiropractors!!”

Matt Lucas

“ Dr. Jesse Ellis is amazing! His adjusting skill is a testament to his understanding of the human body, as well as his acute attention to detail. He is one of the few Chiropractors and body workers that I will allow to put their hands on me!”

John Griffiths

“ I really like Dr. Ellis’ techniques. If your looking for a Chiropractor that is not too rough but gets the job done then this is guy. As he put it “I like for my patients leave feeling connected/aligned, not dislocated or falling apart”. Even though he knows A LOT about the human body he won’t treat you as if you know nothing. He listens and respects you. Which is a big deal for me because I consider myself my biggest health care provider and to have someone who respects that in return is priceless! I’ve had scoliosis for as long as I can remember. I’ve been going to Dr. Ellis since last year sometime and I know it has had a huge contribution to my healing. Along side natural supplement, massage etc. I really appreciate Dr. Ellis and his work and would recommend him to anyone!”

Rachelle Schoonover

“ Excellent place Love the people very kind and accommodating Love the adjustments!”

Debbie Justus

“He is great!!! He listens and will help you get back to good posture!! Fabulous!!”

LeaAnna Hall

“The only place I’ll go to get my back cracked! I recommend for everyone.”

Jared Funk

“Best place ever!!!!! He and his staff really know what they are doing! Thank you”

Ashley Chandler

“Dr Ellis does such a good job! Feeling better after just 1 visit, will be back!!”

Paula Bebian

“I just left here. I feel great. Maybe even a little taller.”

Wendy Miller Pittman

“Dr. Ellis has been so helpful to me and my family!!!”

Randi Whaley

“Wonderful experience, Dr. Ellis is very knowledgeable and caring.”

Amanda Garner Slate

“​​​​​​​Dr. Ellis is a great chiropractor. He always listens and takes care of my aching back.”

Rethana Nease Caldwell

“Couldn’t hardly walk this morning and after my adjustment with Dr. Ellis I’m walking out feeling wonderful!!”

Rachel Jordan Wilkerson

“Love these people. So friendly. And Dr. Ellis LISTENS to you. Honest and trustworthy.”

Teresa McClanahan-Keck