Scoliosis is a condition that causes an abnormal sideways curve of the spine. Sometimes, it is so mild that you will not notice it right away. But as the degree of the curve increases, it can cause other health issues. These include reduced lung capacity and difficulty breathing.

Early detection of scoliosis is vital, especially in children. Otherwise, it may keep progressing and cause problems that affect their body’s core as they age. One way you can initiate treatment is through scoliosis-specific chiropractic treatment.

What Is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment involves hands-on manipulation of the bones, ligaments, and muscles to align the spine. It is non-invasive and restores body functions, allowing your body to heal itself. But when it comes to scoliosis, you need a chiropractor who is familiar with its intricacies.

Traditional chiropractic treatment can help relieve pain. However, it has its shortcomings. Scoliosis-specific chiropractic treatment will work on the Cobb angle and have several effects and benefits. Here is a look at how it can treat scoliosis.

Physically Straightening The Cobb Angle

Although traditional chiropractic care can help reduce inflammation and pain, scoliosis-specific care will physically straighten the Cobb angle. The Cobb angle is the degree of bending in spinal deformities. Chiropractic care can help resolve this. However, the treatment only applies to children over 13 years old with small Cobb angles of 20 degrees or less.

Chiropractors who understand scoliosis are more careful as they straighten your spine. They will not push on the spine but stabilize it before correcting the curve. It is vital to understand that in scoliosis, the spine does not stick but curves in the wrong direction. That is why there is a need to stabilize it before treatment.

Strengthening The Spine And Joints

After straightening the spine, the chiropractor will teach you exercises to strengthen it. These exercises will also support and strengthen your joints. Scoliosis is common in people with double-jointed necks since hypermobility puts them at higher risk because their joints are unstable. Chiropractic exercises improve stability and strengthen and support these joints.

Help You Stay Active

As chiropractic care strengthens and supports your joints, it also helps keep them free of dysfunction. You will feel better and ready to become more active without fear of injury. As you become more active, your muscles grow strong, and you can do more than you could before.

Improves Breathing

As the chiropractor adjusts your bones, ligaments, and muscles, they also expand your chest. It relieves difficulty in breathing and increases your lung capacity, improving your breathing. As your spine is in alignment, air can easily flow in and out of your lungs. Sometimes, your chiropractor will also include breathing exercises to add capacity to the treatment.

Relieves Pain

Alignment of your spine also results in the alignment of nerves. When the nerves align, it restores effective communication between them and the brain. You no longer have to suffer from pain and neuropathy. It also reduces inflammation, allowing blood and lymphatic fluid to flow without restriction.

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