People think chiropractors are only doctors who help with pain or injuries. They may believe chiropractors only help relieve pain and discomfort. But most chiropractic offices do much more than that.

People may have many misconceptions about what chiropractic care looks like. Many pieces fit together to make up the care available at the chiropractor’s office. Musculoskeletal adjustments are one part of a whole system.

More and more chiropractors are incorporating nutritional advice into their practices. They counsel patients who do not realize what they are eating contributes to their pain. The goal of nutritional counseling is to create long-term health.

It Starts In The Gut

The core of the body is important for many reasons. Chiropractors can make adjustments to the musculoskeletal parts of the core. But if their patients aren’t taking care of gut health, the issues will continue to come back. Nutritional counseling helps patients identify their less healthy choices. It aims to supply them with healthier alternatives.

Many chiropractors counsel a noninflammatory diet. There is evidence that eating processed, fried, and greasy foods are making people ill. These foods cause an inflammatory response in the gut. This chronic inflammation is causing disease and also impacts the other body systems.

What Is Nutritional Counseling?

Nutritional counseling is when a health professional or chiropractor discusses healthy eating choices. Their goal is to help them to form a plan for healthier habits. Chiropractors have long been on the front lines of nutritional counseling.

At least 80 percent of chiropractors say they discuss nutrition with their patients. Chiropractors want to help patients see their body as a whole, integrated unit. A problem with one system can affect other systems of the body. Adjustments can improve pain and the quality of the patient’s life. But chiropractors also want to treat the root causes.

What About Supplements?

With nutritional counseling, the chiropractor focuses on identifying problematic foods and eating habits. These are the things that cause poor health. This begins with nutrient-rich foods and proper hydration first.

Supplements can help supply needed vitamins and nutrients. They should not replace nutritious foods. They also are not a solution to continuing to eat an inflammatory diet. Supplements can be a healthy tool when combined with a noninflammatory diet.

Education And Expertise

Chiropractors have been at the forefront of nutritional counseling for decades. Many chiropractors undergo extensive and specialized certification in various types of nutritional training.

Traditional health care has long overlooked nutritional counseling as part of health maintenance. Times are changing. The evidence supporting an emphasis on the whole body is undeniable.

Customized Counseling And Care

No two people are alike, and that’s true when it comes to nutritional counseling as well. Chiropractors can tailor a program to fit a person’s individual needs. They want to better support the patient’s lifestyle.

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